Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golden laughs....

I've had two good sleeps in a row. The world always looks brighter after a good rest. I was tired last night. It's beautiful outside today. The sun is shinning and it's not too cold. I'm wearing my big, orange GAP sweatshirt. An old man I see at the library commented that it had "1969" written on it. My grandpa used to love reading sweatshirts too. He used to squint his eyes, lean over the table and spell "G-A-P." Mom says he had a good day yesterday.

I watched the Golden Girls on tape. I wish some of the new shows intrigued me. There was a part where Blanche, Dorothy and Rose had to stretch in aerobics. They had to spread their legs. Dorothy and Rose were groaning, but Blanche said the exercise "didn't hurt her one bit." Dorothy said, "Why am I not surprised?" I cracked up. Classic comedy is golden.



Lurker said...

I've been watching the reruns of the Golden Girls myself. And I gotta say I love it. We didn't get this show in Poland or if we did then I was just too young and missed it the first time around a lot of shows from many years ago sometimes aren't as funny but this show really does have timeless jokes I love Dorothy. Bea Arthur had wonderful comedic timing.