Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday. She is fifty five. I called her early this morning. She sounded well....she always does. Mom hurt her hand a few days ago. At the hospital checking on Grandpa, she ran to catch my Dad before he left the parking lot and fell. Mom had her hand x-rayed and it seems ok. She is able to use it with more ease which is a relief. I miss Mom today.

Yesterday I bought a coffee at Tim Hortons. While reaching for my Roll Up The Rim winning coffee from Dad, my hand got bent and stuck. The guy behind the coffee counter asked a sweet customer to help me. She unbent my hand and there was only a tiny scrap. Phew! I could tell she was very worried about hurting me. Luckily I was fine - only embarassed about making such a scene. The coffee with a shot of gingerbread was still yummy. Thanks Dad for the free Roll Up The Rim.

Mom and I are both having hand issues. Hers is more serious. I am so thankful for Mom. Happy Birthday! I love you Mom!