Thursday, March 04, 2010


My taxi driver who dropped me off was very sweet yesterday. Though scheduled to be dropped off at Sherway Mall he let me off at Wall-Mart where I stocked up on grape and cherry Kool-Aid . The canisters are well hidden. Grape must be the most popular flavour because they only had one container left. I bought some cherry Kool-Aid too. I just like it. A sweet lady who was shopping helped me find what I needed.

The Observer and I hung out yesterday. Seeing him was the highlight of my day. He was coming out of the elevator and I was going in. The second we saw each other, it was a reunion of happiness. I've missed the Observer, but I knew I would. He's still his awesome, sweet, bubbly self, but why would that change? We had a good heart to heart. Our history has created such an understanding. I miss him.............I know the Observer is very special. I know I am incredibly blessed to still have his friendship. To me, things felt like they hadn't really changed? Is that good or bad. Saying goodbye to the Observer was hard. I wanted to make plans to see him again soon.

As I was leaving, I bashed into the Observer's foot. I said, "Great! now I broke your heart and your foot!" We both laughed. I came home and used my grape Kool-aide mixed with Kleen Prep. It worked fast. I'm not sure if it was my tummy or my heart that ached. My tummy is better. My heart will take more time.

Thanks for hanging out with me Observer.