Monday, March 15, 2010

A rough start....

This morning my attendant commented on how much weight I gained....three times. She said, "Wow, you've sure gotten chubby. In my country, we call that "fed". What does your mom say?"

Shocked, I nodded. She asked if she offended me. I shook my head. If I tried to speak, I would cry. The remark set my day off.......I have gained weight. My attendant wasn't trying to be mean. She doesn't know better. After a good cry and talking to my best friend, I felt better. Seconds later, I picked up a ringing phone and heard a voice resembling my older brother's. "Hi Shane!" I said. It was my attendant care manger. Embarrassed, I couldn't stop laughing.

My attendant changed my kitchen clock...they're not all bad.

I got my haircut before lunch. It's uneven. I am trying to stop thinking, "now, I'm fat with ugly hair." Instead, I am reminding myself that "hair grows back and I will find my balance with eating."

Everything passes....One day I will look back on today and remember how I struggled and overcome.


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