Friday, March 19, 2010

movies and ticker stuff...

It's a sunny spring day downtown. Oh yay! I dig this weather. I'm wearing my stripped sweater. Some would say my sweater resembles Bert and Ernie attire. I would have to agree, but I still like colour....I feel good wearing my sweater. Isn't that what matters?

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. My pick-up time was too early, so I changed it to an hour later. When I got in the lobby, there was a no-show slip on the door. Rats! Calling the company, I got my ride reinstated. Sweet! Being such a great day outside, I could have wheeled home. I found a Timothy's Coffee before my bus was due and ordered a noisette. It was yummy...Maybe I'll wheel next week.

The Observer and I had a talk last night. Poor dude. He hurts. We were planning to see a movie. After realizing that we're both still struggling, I don't think a movie would be wise. The last thing I want to do is mess with the Observer's head. He's too special. I would love to see him, but not if it hurts him. I miss the Observer....but love is bittersweet. Movies are always going to exist. The time to heal is now.

Happy Friday!