Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A risk...

I woke up to a sunny, Monday morning. Mom's trainer came and I read Canadian Living. My brother came by with his dog. Since they were in the backyard, he couldn't see me. I wanted to shout, "Hey, look up! I'm here." Mom made my addiction - cranberry oatmeal cookies. I ate a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and a hunk of cheesecake. Then the cookie madness began....Mom took me to get a new cell phone. It's blue and cute. She wants one. She took me to pick up my new glasses too. They feel good. We ate the St. Lawerence Market shishkaboobs. The lemon chicken ones were yummy but the Caribbean beef was different. Dad polished off the strudel. I've never seen him eat anything with so much vigor.

All the cookies moved my system as soon as I got home. I called the Observer. I joked that he had a girlfriend. He got offended. I was sorry. I'm just afraid he won't want to hear what's in my ticker. What if he wants to date someone new? What if he can't have anything to do with me? What if he says I had a my chance and now it's too late? I wouldn't blame him for feeling all of these emotions. I'm nervous.... I won't know until I am truthful. It's a risk, but I'm taking it.


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i want you to be honest.........I DON'T jump into another after 5 byears hun I respect us and our relationship to damn much.