Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sunshiny Saturday...

Do you know anyone who often has an issue? The attendant who I saw yesterday seems to often have an injury or ailment. Back in November, she hurt her arm on my closet door. I felt bad, but it's not like I threw the door on her arm. I saw her yesterday and she showed me a rash on her arm from my cucumber and melon scented Palmolive. Again, I'm sorry the lady is itchy, but I didn't purposely buy the dish soap so she would have a reaction. I bought vegan pizza for dinner last night and ate it in my usual spot. The server at Pizzaiolo offered to lift my wheelchair instead the store. He has no idea how heavy my wheelchair is, but I appreciated the offer. My cell phone wasn't working, so I was late for my dinner attendant. I arrived home to use the bathroom, get my phone plugged in and see my attendant's rash.
Outside is beautiful today. The sun is shinning. It looks like spring. I am going home in about an hour. This morning I didn't know whether I wanted to go home or not. I am enjoying my space and freedom. Slowly, I am feeling like myself. I talked to my sister last night. She and her husband got new windows in their house. My brother-in-law got promoted to department head at his school. I'm happy for him. Remember my former teacher that I sometimes see strolling with his wife? He hired my brother-in-law, so I am glad I spoke highly of him when we saw each other. I congratulated my brother-in-law. Though he didn't know it, my main purpose in calling was to ask my sister if she had any gift suggestions for my Mom's upcoming birthday. She suggested all of my siblings and I pitching in to buy Mom a set of pots. Mom is so tough to buy for. If she wants something, she''ll just buy it. It's hard to get something just for Mom. Housewares aren't personal.

I couldn't NOT take advantage of the sunshine. I headed to the market and bought Mom and Dad some apple strudel. The lady who heads the strudel table recognized me. She greeted me with a smile and a "Hey you!" I overhead the strudel lady saying she ran into Marilyn Denise. Marilyn used to be on Cityline and the Roger, Rick and Marilyn show I think. She's probably a strudel fan. I got a yummy sample of cherry cream cheese strudel. The apple strudel is in my backpack along with the meat I bought yesterday. The north market is a weekly novelty on Saturdays, so I don't go to the south market on weekends, because I can do that any day....I missed seeing the guy from the meat market, but it's OK.

I love the sun. Who wouldn't? Well, my complaining attendant would probably say that too much sunshine makes her hot. Some people...I tell you.


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