Monday, March 08, 2010

A supersized view...

Mom had to work. Dad and I spent the day hanging out at home. I wore my pajamas all day and finshed reading The Secret. Maybe all the hype surrounding the book heightened my expectations. The Secret couldn't have been that bad. I finshed the book, didn't I? I read People too. I talked to my grandma. She told me all about how she's been making marmalade. I listened. Listening is an easy gesture to give to others who have given a lot to me. All day, I kept thinking about the Obsever. I was so happy to see him. With Mom's urging, I called him. We made plans to meet on Friday. I don't want to hurt him, but he deserves to know how I feel.

Grandpa wasn't eating, but soon he was back to himself. In the evening, I ate stew, salad and cheesecake with my parents. Mom and I watched the Oscars for a bit. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin made funny hosts. She was tired and so was I. In bed I watched Supersize Me until I fell asleep. Now that I am supersized too, the world seems bigger and full of possibilities. That's kind of good, isn't it?


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