Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet brown stuff in the toilet...

It's chilly out. The temperature dropped quickly. Last night I won a free donut in Roll Up The Rim. I asked the Tim Hortons lady to roll up my rim. When she saw it was a winning coffee, she got excited. We couldn't stop laughing. I said if it was the car, the coffee server could have half. She didn't seem too thrilled when I offered her half a donut. I hope they let me exchange the donut for a cookie. I'm not a real donut lover.

I couldn't sleep last night. I watched a new show on TLC called Addicted following people in their recovery. It was disturbing.

Today I wheeled to my usual Thursday appointment. The ride was a bit chilly, but not too bad. Spring is coming. I had a noisette coffee from Timothys. It was yummy....The evening seems to be getting colder by the minute.

My toilet is clogged. The bathroom smells funny. I need the super to fix the light and the toilet. Last Friday I flushed a big chocolate bar down the toilet so I wouldn't eat it. Odd, right? I'm struggling.... A big brown blob down the toilet isn't all that unusual. All I want is a fixed toilet. The reason it's clogged isn't important. We all need a working thrown. Somewhere down the line the chocolate would have ended up in the toilet - whether it went through my internal pipes first or the plumbing pipes. I like to think the chocolate bar just took a shortcut.


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