Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's that song called?

My plan for yesterday afternoon was to meet my friend Franci at the mall at around 2:30. Being March break, the mall was packed. Kids, teenagers and their parents were everywhere. Finding an elevator in that mall is challenging at the best of times. Try adding more bodies, especially loud ones. I was late getting to the mall. My attendant was talkative. I didn't mind. My friend who had to wait might have......I saw her waiting, but the elevator kept going up and down. Understandably fed up, I saw my friend take off in the other direction. I don't blame her, but finding her proved tricky. Just about to give up after searing for an hour, I finally found my friend. Luckily she wasn't angry. Needing to get away from the crowd, I found a nearby Timothys coffee. My friend had a rice Krispy square and I had a hazelnut mocha coffee. Our visit was short. I'm glad we found each other...

I came home and ate a salad with almonds and drank a big glass of grape Kool-aide. I have lots of books to read but wasn't in the mood. I checked my mail and got a thank you card from my sister for being in her wedding. Her wedding was in July. Better late than never, right? My cordless phone rang in my lobby. I didn't even know the phone was on my lap. That's good reception. It was my best friend. Catching up was sweet. Her life is busy......

I barely slept last night. I went to the St. Lawerence Market for mustard and strudel for Mom and Dad. I bought a bagel for myself. I dropped it, so a kind lady got me another. Some man gave me a packed lunch. I saw a sandwich and juice box. I threw it out. It's the thought that counts. That said, I don't want to be poisoned.

I'm going home tonight. I kept saying I won't go home on weekends, but I usually do....Soon I'll be more independant. I am sounding a bit like the song Waving Flag....Is that what the new hit tune is called?