Friday, April 23, 2010

A chill...

There's a chill in my bones. It won't go away. The coldness began on my trip back from the market. It's a wee bit nippy out. There's a wind or breeze. I listened to tunes this morning and had a funny chat with my morning attendant. I have started reading Still Alice again. I was reading it at Easter. Last night I saw it sitting on my kitchen table. The caption A book you won't likely forget made me smile. How ironic considering that Still Alice is about a woman with Alzheimer's...I watched the Oprah episode from last week about the woman who has eight kids. She seemed a bit off, but you'd have to be when you have eight babies.

I'm still tired, but I bet the mom of eight is tired too. It's going to be a quiet night for me of TV watching and warming up.