Friday, April 30, 2010

Falling pole....

This morning I met Des at the market. I was late but so was she. It worked. I'm tired and lazy today..........I'm not sure why. We had a sweet chat over brunch. Craving a bagel, I bought a flax seed Montreal bagel from St. Urbain. We met at Yanni's Greek kitchen and found a good table. We talked about men, babies and marriage. Both needing something sweet, we headed off to buy dessert. I got a refreshing fruit cup. It's my one dollar and fifty cent splurge. I had to rush off for my lunch booking, but Des understood.

I was fife minutes late and missed my attendant, but she didn't mind. Holding onto my pole to transfer, the whole thing tumbled from the ceiling. We're both lucky we weren't hurt. I may be tired and lazy, but at least I'm safe.