Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter!

It's a spring Saturday. I went to the market for hot cross buns. The strudel lady was sold out of most of her goods but I did get an apple strudel for Dad. She was out of hot cross buns. Luckily, Stone mill bakery downstairs had some left. Carrying them on my wheelchair, I heard passersby commenting. I saw Amanda, a fellow women's group member and her girls at the market. My good Friday was good. I went to Church In The City for their morning service. I sat with Trudy and Hazel. I know them both from the Gage. Trudy helped me take communion. She's so sweet. I didn't hear anything too groundbreaking, but it was worthwhile going. The service was a combination of a few different local churches. The choir was talented, but they got a little intense during prayer. They kept saying things over each other. Hearing so many voices at once was slightly alarming. Church In The City is where I go to the Tuesday Night Women's Group, so it was comforting to see familiar faces.

In the afternoon, I met April at Timothy's. We had a great heart-to-heart. She understands me. Like me, April just broke up with her boyfriend after a long-term relationship. We agreed that all of our friends are getting married, having babies and buying houses in Milton. Given the trend, we feel we ought to follow suit, but it's not the life we want. Is that strange? We both dated amazing guys, but....something was missing.

April gave me beautiful pink tulips. There is one white tulip in the bunch which is favourite. They look beautiful on my table. Since being single, I've received many plants and flowers from my female friends. They just know what friends need. I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night. I love Andy's boyfriend with the curly hair. I watched Raquel Welch and Janet Jackson on Oprah. I got my fix of Golden Girl episodes too.

I'm going to my parents' tonight. Being so beautiful outside, I feel like enjoying a night downtown. Going home is losing its novelty. I love Mom and Dad, but there's nothing to do at home. I don't feel like going to bed early. Oh well, it's Easter. I'll be back tomorrow...

As my sister-in-law would say, have a hoppy Easter!


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