Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy round, rotating globe day!

It's Earth Day! I haven't really done anything too "Earthy" but it's all good. Outside is a bit cooler than we're used to. I find it crisp - not cool. I'm wearing my wintery, wool sweater. I suppose it will be the last chance I have this winter. Being Thursday, I wheeled to my doctor's appointment. It was a refreshing walk. I went to the market for dinner. I had a craving for a Montreal style bagel and fruit salad. I started with the fruit salad and loved it. I lived off Market fruit salad last summer - so refreshing and cheap. After my fruit, I bought a pumpernickel bagel. It was yummy, but felt like too much food.

Speaking of excess, I couldn't sleep last night. Two cups of late night coffee were to blame. I met my friend at Second Cup. We were both late, which is routine for us. I enjoyed our chat. All that caffeine reeved me up. I couldn't stop laughing.....In bed, I watched the season finale of Addicted. I missed much of it, but still enjoyed what I did see. The show is sad, but intriguing all at once.

Remember my Mom's cousin who was the alcoholic? Her funeral was today. My Dad is a pallbearer. I feel a bit sad for not going, but at least my sister and parents went. Life's short, so cherish the Earth. It's our only home.


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