Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh the suspense!

Just as I planned, my Friday night was quiet. At dinner-time, I drank Kleen-prep. Fortunately, I only felt yucky for a short while. I had the chills and cranked up the heat before it passed. Kleen Prep's initial side effects help me appreciate the warm of summer. I watched Oprah. It was her Live In Chicago edition. A princess talked about a children's' book she authored about the differences in cultural habits. In her book, the princess talked about her school-mate eating a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. At first, she thought the gooey, brown spread looked disgusting, but soon realized that it tasted delicious. I thought it was such a simple, smart example about not judging others. Children's books can be profoundly simple and pack a powerful punch. Melissa Ethridge also performed a good song. I love her voice and song lyrics.

I read Appetites by Geneen Roth. It's my second time. Tonight I have a choice of Appetites again or Still Alice. We'll see which book I crave.

An hour or so before bed, Mom called to say that my sister-in-law might be in labour. My brother got a call at work and my sister-in-law said she "felt different." With the advice of his co-workers who are fathers, my brother headed home. When I talked to Mom, they were going for a walk. Before hanging up with me, Mom promised she would call if anything changed. Seconds after saying goodbye to Mom, the phone rang. Thinking the baby was coming, I excitedly picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice say, "Open the garage." It was the Observer. He accidentally dialed my number instead of his parents' house. We both laughed. Surprisingly (or not) I couldn't sleep again last night. I watched a new show on TLC called Three Weddings. It showcases three weddings organized and executed on a very tight budget. The brides each attend their competitor's weddings and vote. The prize is a top-of-the-line honeymoon.

After going to the market for breakfast and to buy bagels and strudel for Mom and Dad, I called Dad for an update. My sister-in-law is still hanging in. Maybe I'm not sleeping because I'm excited about the arrival of my niece-or-nephew. Hurry up little baby! Your Mom is getting uncomfortable and the the rest of your family can't wait to meet you!


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