Monday, April 19, 2010

Passing a stone...

I'm tired today. Mondays are my day to sleep in. Why then do I feel so beat? I was tired last night. The Juno Awards weren't too exciting. For a teenager, Justin Beiber isn't bad. Don't get me wrong. I haven't come down with "Beiber Fever" or anything. All I'm saying is that the kid's OK.

After checking my messages yesterday, there were three from my sister. Calls from her aren't rare, but getting three messages in the span of an hour kind of is. When she began with, "I don't want you to worry, but..." I knew there was trouble. Dad woke up vomiting in severe pain. Mom had to go to work. She called to check on Dad and there was no answer. Sensing Dad needed helped, she called my younger brother and asked him to check on Dad. He found Dad screaming in pain. It took an hour to get him the car. Poor guy. Seeing Dad like that would have been horrible. My poor brother. Part of me felt guilty for not checking my messages, but all I would have done was worry anyway.

The hospital gave Dad morphine, Xrayed him and found kidney stones. Mom met my brother and sister at the hospital. She was worried, so her co-workers told her to go home. Dad had kidney stones two summers ago. He was able to pass them. Once he felt better, Mom took him home and he slept...All this started and ended before I even knew anything. Dad sounded relaxed and slurred on the phone. He must have been enjoying the drugs. He went to work today, so all seems well.

Mom said the emergency room doctor said passing a kidney stone is as painful as having a baby. I asked her if the doctor who said so was male. Not surprisingly, she said yes. If you asked a woman who has actually had a baby, she might have a different view. There are some things we need to experience before having a perspective. As Rachel once said in a Friends episode, "No uterus. No opinion."