Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Universial kindness....

I believe we should all believe in something. I believe I'll have another

- Cafe Mania

I went to the Women's Bible Study at Church In The City last night. They are
still on The Secret. I've missed the last two weeks, so it was good to
be back. A warm, friendly girl named Aleeka led the group. Besides Trudy, she's one of my
favourite members. Aleeka is my age or younger and smiles often. She's

my kind of friend.

My least favosurite attendant Iowni told me, that, "It was good to see me back
to my healthy size. "I was very worried about you," she told me. "Don't worry,
you'll never be fat, just healthy."

isn't the greatest, but her compliment was genuine - as was
her concern. Months ago, I used to get furious when people said they were
worried. "Screw them! They want me fat!" I thought. Now I understand
they had my back. Iowni may be annoying, rude and lazy, but there IS
kindness in her heart. There's kindness in everyone. For some people, it's buried deeper than