Sunday, May 30, 2010

god and my bladder...

I'm tired today. Church was boring. I didn't feel God's presence. I did feel the need to pee. ignoring a full bladder isn't easy or smart. i had a great evening last night and was so reeved up I couldn't sleep. it's a fun feeling. i think it's called a natural high..Whatever it is, it's good.

outside is hot. I'm wearing red capris. i watched Tori And Dean last night. What a dumb show! I also watched some of One True Thing. I haven't seen that movie in ages. It's sad..Speaking of sadness, a tenant in my building is dying. His name is Rod and he's super sweet. Rod is my Dad's age. He has an attendant with him all day and night. We should never be alone during our last days. I am happy he has people around him. everyone deserves company, especially when we move on.


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