Friday, May 28, 2010

Grocery store bump-ins

Life's alright today. There is more sunshine. I ran out of coffee this morning. Luckily, I had just enough for my morning cup. Without it, there would have been trouble. Weight Watchers breads were on sale at Metro. I'm addicted to Weight Watchers pitas. I just discovered they have two points instead of one, but whatever. I bought flat breads too. I'm trying to read a book called Big Girl by Danielle Steal. It's a bit superficial for my liking, but it never hurts to read different types of novels, right?

While getting bread, I ran into a friend's husband. He's Mexican I think. He asked how the Observer was. When I told him we broke up, he looked uncomfortable. It's understandable. His wife is super sweet.

Remember "Nigel?" (The friend of the Observer's who has dated a few of my friends) I ran into his latest girlfriend on the street today. She's happy. What she sees in "Nigel," I'll never know...

I'm dressed in an orange skirt today and have funky hair. Now I know why people say to always look my best. I never know who will be at the grocery store.


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