Monday, May 03, 2010

Oh baby! Happy Birthday!

Outside has felt sticky and warm. Spring is here I guess. Yesterday I missed church. On Saturday night, I took Kleen Prep and felt off. Having had trouble with the call of nature in the past, I didn't want to chance it. Instead I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought an EB games gift card for my brother and a Best Buy gift card for my sister-in-law. My bus ride was hot and sticky. At my parents' house, I changed into a more summer-like top. My brother and sister-in-law arrived after me. My sister-in-law looks VERY uncomfortable. She kept commenting that "it must be really hot in my sister's house, because she's all bundled up." My sister-in-law knows that my sister is pregnant....I felt awkward knowing.

We had a great dinner yesterday. My brother got shirts and golfing money. As she does every year on my brother's birthday, Mom made Rainbow Bit cake - only in cupcake form. They were yummy. I ate too. My bother was pleased. My brother-in-law asked what the plan will be at the hospital when the baby is coming. Everyone got a bit nervous. The biologial members of my family get nervous discussing private stuff......There isn't really a plan, but it looks as though my sister-in-law will be induced on Thursday.

Sleeping was a bit tricky last night. It's hot. My fallen pole is now standing. Now I can stand too!


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