Thursday, May 06, 2010

Passing time with Keisha and pizza...


You're not here yet. Where are you??????????? Well, I know where you are. The question is: why aren't you out? At 4:30 this afternoon, Mom left me a message saying that nothing had really changed. No real contractions - just waiting. My cell phone has been on ALL day. No rings.

I went to my Thursday appointment. I got a talking to. I guess I have a bad habit of searching for insults, like eavesdropping and hearing my attendant say how heavy I am. I was told such behaviour is sneaky and not conducive to recovery. I knew that already. Being told never hurts.

I ran out of coffee and bought some at Sobeys. I wasn't going to get any until later, but though I best given how up in the air my plans feel. My whole family feels this way. Running out of coffee is never an option. There is lots of action on the street. They say there's suspected gang activity. At least there are lots of police around. The streets smell like horse poop. The odor reminds of Dad coming home from work when I was little. Horse poop was my natural scent.

I had Vittorio pizza from Pizziolo for dinner. I felt like celebrating early. It had tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. While it was tasty, I like the Diana vegan pizza best. They just opened a Pizziolo store that is wheelchair accessible. Yay! I tried it last Friday night. The service is good and the pizza is the best in the city. While having dinner in the shop, the tune Your Love Is My Drug played on the radio. Vegan pizza and good music are an awesome way to pass time, but please come baby. One day you'll be old enough to eat pizza, but you've got to leave your Mom's tummy before that can happen.


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