Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today has been rainy, damp and cold. Yuck! There's a chill in my bones..........I went to my Thursday appointment. It was reassuring. Geneen Roth was talking about her new book on Oprah last night. The show was mostly Oprah talking about her own struggles with weight. Hump...we know...we know....I bought a bagel from the bagel house today. They gave it to me for free. Sweet! Out of bread, I headed to Loblaws and bought Weight Watchers bread and new Weight Watchers pitas. I'll see how the pitas are. I ate vegan pizza for dinner from Pizziolo. I had the whole wheat Diana kind. I think it's my favourite.

It might be rainy, but life's still good. I know this blog is mostly about food, so I hope it's not boring. Food is important, but I'm learning that it's not everything.


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