Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last night was fun. I visited my friend Danielle at her apartment, which is where I used to live. Being back at the building felt familiar. I saw Merlyn, my first attendant ever and Bernadette. I love them both. I arrived late but came with a chocolate cupcake and a vanilla cupcake from Starbucks. At least I wasn't late and empty handed. Dinner was pasta with meat sauce. Franci was there. She's our mutual friend. Her birthday just passed, so Danielle made her a rainbow bit cake with purple icing. It looked great and was delicious. Danielle is super sweet. Franci was her usual blunt self. She was sleeping over at Danielle's apartment. I'm glad Franci wasn't my overnight guest.

We watched All In The Family and Three's Company on Dajavu. Both are my all-time favourite shows. I might see if I can switch a channel in my cable package to Dajavu. Danielle and I were singing to the theme songs. I don't think Franci enjoyed the shows. She was on Facebook for most of the visit. Franci is cheap and sarcastic. She takes advantage of friends. Three can be company, but it can also be a crowd.


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