Wednesday, May 05, 2010

To the newest family member....

Welcome to the world little baby! Tomorrow will be your first day here. We're so excited to meet you, especially your Mom and Dad. I think you're a boy, but we'll love you just the same if you're a girl. You're a week overdue. I hope you're ready for life, love laughter and learning. We are ready for you....

You should know that your Mom is very sweet. Beyond her sweetness, she is strong. Last year she fought cancer. Your Mom and Dad stood strong and united, ready for whatever came their way. Don't worry, your Mom's healthy now. In the toughest year of their lives, your mom and dad found a light at the end of the tunnel - you. Your dad's a tease, but he will worry about you. Go easy on the guy. Your his first child.

Your aunts and uncles are jokers, but everyone has good intentions. If you want something, ask grandpa. He'll cave.

So, little baby, I just want to say hi. There are so many people waiting for you. We have so much love for you already.