Saturday, May 01, 2010

TWO babies!

Well, I'm SO glad I met my sister and her husband at the market this morning. I said I would meet them at the strudel table. That's exactly where I found my brother-in-law. Once we found my sister, she said she had something to show me. She passed me a card with a cartoon picture of herself, her husband and a little bald head. I knew she was telling me that she is pregnant! As soon as I said, "Congratulations!" I looked up to find Mom and Dad standing there with a camera snapping pictures of us. They're so funny, proud and cute! Soon they will grandparents......

My sister told me that there were two heartbeats for her first ultrasound but the second one kind of disappeared. I got a bit choked up hearing about potential twins, but somehow it must be for the best....

Only three of us know my sister is expecting. (Actually, I called the Observer and told him) He's the first person I was dying to call. The others will know after Mother's Day once my first niece or nephew arrives. I can't believe TWO babies will be here!!! Keisha and Lil' Wayne are going to be such good friends.

One baby is a gift. Two babies are a double blessing. Shhh....about my sister.


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i'm so honored that I was told...I love you