Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ya know?

The Smith family was on Oprah yesterday. The show featured Will, his wife Jada and their kids. They appear to be a good family - though a little earthy. Both Smith parents say "Ya know?" an awful lot. Ya know? Jada's quite intense. I wouldn't want to cross her. She just looks...tough.

Last night I was supposed to go out for coffee with my friend Daniele. She attended a conference at the Ramada hotel not far from where I live. Daniele must have gotten tied up as she never called. Earlier in the afternoon, I went out in search of the hotel. While searching, I ran into Mavis, my former attendant. Mavis used to be very blunt, but she has softened. She seems happier. Being happy benefits everyone.

My friend April took pictures of my nephew. There's a new profile picture of Cole on my sister-in-law's Facebook. Cole is sleeping. It's a sweet picture. Babies make life brighter.

Ya know?