Monday, June 14, 2010

Sitting in God's house...

I went to church yesterday. The topic was money and generosity. Ironically, (or not!) the church is behind in their finances. The pastor discussed tithing, which means giving one tenth of your whole income to the church. I didn't know people did things on such a grand scale. Then again, I am a new church goer. Remember I mentioned a lady who befriended me a few weeks ago? Let's call her Ellen. Ellen arrived late to church yesterday and found me in the one accessible spot. I smiled politely and mouthed hello. She mentioned for me to move. I moved to the farthest possible corner. She gave me a dirty look. Sorry Ellen. Come to church early....whatever. I will fight her every week if I must.

My friend Des said:

I am tired of pertending I'm OK being alone. I'm not as tough and independent as I seem....I don't want to be by myself forever but I don't want look after another person for the rest of my life either. I want to find someone who makes me feel looked after too.

I understand what Des is saying. I feel the same way. I'm confused. I like to think God is looking after me - no matter where I'm sitting in church.


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