Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm back....

It's amazing i'm the reason
Everybody fired up this evening
I'm exhausted barely breathing
Holding on to what i believe (Amazing by Kayne West)

The sun is shining in full force today AND it's Friday! My sunburned arms have started peeling. Nasty, isn't it? My morning was a bit emotional. My favourite attendant told me that there was a time when her co-workers were very concerned for my health. She told me that a few cried. Hearing this made ME cry. I hate worrying anyone. Six months ago, I wouldn't have believed I was causing any harm to myself. People around said they were worried, but all I cared about was being thin. When your mission is narrow, your whole life becomes narrow with it. Everthing in my life is wider now - including my stomach, hips, thighs and chest. More important though, so is my interest in living my best life. I'm back now.
Last night I barlely slept, but I'm in good spirits. I watched the music channel for most of the night. I have a new addiction to the tune Find Your Love by Drake. It's groovy.... I like Amazing by Kayne West too. It's old, but still good.

I went to the market for a pumpernickel bagel this morning. It's my new favourite lunch. I'm excited for the weekend. Tonight I'm visiting a friend who I love hanging out with. You know those people who make you feel alive and invigorated? That's how I feel when I see my friend. Free bottles of Eska spring water were being given away on the city's main street. Who doesn't like free water?

I could have missed so much - like the sweet chewiness of a pumpernickel bagel and a refreshing sip of free water.


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