Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been a week....

Well, it's Monday. At this time last week, I went to Buffalo with my Mom and sister. We shopped. I bought sexy new white jeans and a purple top from the Gap. We bought baby stuff from Target, Carters and Babies R Us. I can't believe my sister has a growing bun in her oven! It warms my ticker. On Tuesday I went to the dietitian. I've gained five pounds. She was OK about it - I was freaking. After finding out I gained, I ate a big brownie, two pieces of poppy seed cake, a skinny vanilla latte and vegan pizza. Odd, isn't it? I'd like to say the next day was better, but no. I had three frappicunnos, two Starbucks scones and two slices of lemon poppy seed cake....That's not right.

We had an earthquake on Wednesday. I was in Starbucks. Where else would I be? At first I thought the shaking was the streetcar tracks but then it seemed strong. I wondered if a bomb would come through the floor. For a second, I was confronted knowing I would die in my favourite place.

On Thursday I went my appointment. We talked about my overeating. My doctor is always one ahead of me. I hate that.....Friday was the start of madness in our city. We just had the G20 summit in our city. Store windows are smashed, businesses are boarded up and police cars were set ablaze. For a protest, Dad says it was pretty normal....The Starbucks damage makes me mad...

I was home for the protest. I left on Thursday and returned last night. I kept busy so the time passed. I went to Trinty Commom plaza on Friday. The weather was beautiful. I bumped in my brother-in-law. We chatted. He kissed my head and it made me smile. No good movies were playing, so I hung out at Starbucks and went to Casesys for a veggie burger and sweetpotato fries. A little boy cried in the restaurant. It broke my heart. He looked at me through sad, wet eyes. Poor dude.

On Saturday, I met Christina and the Observer at Square One. The Observer bought me the new Jack Johnston album and treated my friend and I to dinner Moxys. That guy...*thank you Observer* I watched the protest with Mom and Dad. I found the events disturbing and took the damage personally. I live where they were vandalizing. Watching the police made me worry about my brother. He was OK. We watched It's Complicated. I loved it.

Yesterday my Mom and sister and I drove to Chatham for Cole's baby shower. I sat in the backseat and kept falling over. Mom couldn't find me in the rear view mirror. The shower was fun. Cole slept and got passed around. It was a long drive but we went on behalf of Cole and my brother. They are worth it. I enjoyed being home but am glad to return to my freedom. Today someone asked me how I am. "I'm livin' '' I said. In the elevator last night, someone saw my backpacks of clean laundry and thought I was protester. I believe in livin' peacefully too, but not enough to take the streets.


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