Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy soccer/family/pizza party...

Yesterday I went home to visit Cole and my family. We watched the world cup and ate pizza. Cole wasn't in the best spirits. He was always hungry. Maybe he is growing...Watching people in my family hold Cole is the best. Everyone goes all mushy and soft around him - even my macho brother. I kissed Cole four times. He was wearing a sky blue onesie. He's the cutest baby EVER. My sister is looking pregnant. She enjoyed holding Cole, which is a good thing. It's a wee bit late for her to decide she doesn't like babies.

It rained and was quite yucky outside so it was a good day for a TV/Cole/family pizza afternoon. I think England won, but I could be wrong. I came home and watched the movie Valentine's Day with Mom. It was a total chick flick, but I really liked it. Right now I'm all about cheeziness. Could that be why my jeans are too tight?


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