Saturday, July 31, 2010

Man crazy....

It's sunny out today. This morning I went to the St. Lawrence Market. Forgetting to check how much cash was in my wallet, I played it safe and bought a small strudel for my parents. I had enough, but better safe than sorry. I bought myself a bagel, an apple and a banana. My visit home was good. There was a delay on the Go-Train. Something about the doors not closing. I listened to a guy in a wheelchair talk to his Mom....I sat across from a pregnant lady. Dad stood the whole trip. Good man, he is....

There is a lot of wedding and baby talk in my family. It makes sense. I saw an old taxi driver. He's a good guy but got a bit too personal. He asked me ALL about my break-up. Whatever.....People have opinions. I have choices...I heard his opinion. I saw my favourite Wheel-trans driver. She heard all my men tales. She knows all the guys I referred to. The man beside me must of thought I was man crazy. He'd be partly right....

I'm seeing Danielle tomorrow and going home for the August 1st holiday. We're having a Bachlorette finale party. I can't believe I watch it. It's my choice.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Letting go...

One wrong number can sure mess up my day. I booked my ride to visit my parents' backwards yesterday afternoon. I touched the wrong preregisted location and totally screwed my plans up. As usual, my Dad is coming to my rescue. We're meeting at Union Station and taking the Go-Train home. What would I do without my amazing Dad? I hate to even imagine.....My sister and her husband are coming for dinner too. I love seeing her growing belly. There's someone in there!

I couldn't sleep last night. Worried over my ride and conflicts over letting go, sleep just wouldn't come. Argh......I watched TV. I saw an episode of The Golden Girls that I had never seen before. It was about Rose and made me laugh. Rose had such an innocently sweet character. I watched Much More Music and saw the video for the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz. That tune makes me happy anytime, anywhere. If I could swing my hips...

Why is it so hard to let go? Why does it hurt? I want to look ahead - not back, but it's hard....I'm afraid I'll never find the person I am meant to be with forever. I was with the greatest man in the world for four and a half years. I was loved so deeply. We have such a strong connection. He knows me best. What if I never find that with someone new? I'm scared of letting go of the past. I love the Observer. I want HIM to find his soulmate too...

I'm cold sitting here wearing my blue and green flowered capri pants. Soon outside will turn to fall. I'll remember these days and wish for summer again. People say the hardest part of letting go is not looking back. They are right.


Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm hungry - not starving, just hungry. I want a big grocery store bagel. Blueberry or pumpernickel would be delicious .

Last night I watched To Kill A Mockingbird. I love that movie. I took it out from the library and it came with a bonus DVD interviewing Gregory Peck. He was a top notch movie star, a man of distinction, talent, class and wisdom. I discovered his son committed suicide at thirty.

If I ever have a son, I want to name him Gregory. Maybe as a middle name. My favourite guy in the world is named Gregory, so it works. Gregs are great - at least those I know.

A homeless man stumped on the street today. How could I have helped? The Gregorys. I know best would have. Here's a photo of a fish called Saint Paul's Gregory. Who knew there was such a fish?

Well, I'm going to go get a blueberry bagel! Yum!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking less...

Again, it's been a week. I'm slacking man. My weekend was fun. The women's BBQ was alright. Looking at the older females, it struck me that gravity shifts things south as we age. We best enjoy life now. We ate hamburgers. I asked for a veggie burger, but got a hamburger instead. It's alright. I sat with Gabby, Danielle, Jean and Eileen. Jean is 72. She's smart, happy and funny. hopefully that's how I'll be when I'm seventy two. We went to Tim Hortons and chatted over coffee. It was a nice night to wheel home.

On Saturday I spit coffee on my black pants on the way home. I showered with Mom's help, ate cookies, stared at Cole and left for Katerine's house. We had such a fun night. Katherine's family is like ours. Cole was the center of the night. He slept and ate. Jeff LOVES Cole. He holds him like Shane. Cole sucked on Jeff's bicep. It was HILARIOUS! We played a food trivia game. I held Katherine's giant albino guinea pig named Angel. She was cute in a freaky way. I got to see Cole get his last bottle and change into his duck pajamas. That was the best part of my weekend.

I saw the Observer on Sunday. We watched Grown Ups and went to Casesys. Grown-ups was so funny. I tried a poppy seed chicken sandwich with a salad. I enjoyed hanging with the Observer.

On Monday Des and I had coffee. I drank too much and exploded. Still, I'm glad I saw Des. I watched The Bachlorette: The Men Tell All. It's silly, but I still watch it. There's something to be said for that.

Yesterday I had a make-up training day for Mentoring. It was hot out. I bought pizza for dinner and a bagel, a toasted coconut doughnut and poppy seed loaf for lunch. Lots of food, but today's a new day. I met my friend who lives in my building at Starbucks. I had a venti orange green tea. It was yummy.

I'm less sad now. Kevin is a good guy, but there's lots around. They say, act like a lady, think like a man. I don't know if I can. Maybe I'll start by thinking less.


Friday, July 23, 2010


I feel fat....i have these doughnut rolls on my tummy now. I'm trying to stay calm and not overeat or undereat. Balance, right?

Music sounds beautiful now. It doesn't matter what song. I hear sounds, feel things and am engaged in living.

I went to the market today. I'm going to a BBQ tonight and home tomorrow. Life is alright. I'm livin'


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've been laying low lately. I hung out with my friend Des on Thursday. We went to a pub/bar. I had two chocolate shakes. The next day I lost my change purse sowhere around Secound Cup when I bought a chiller. i'm addicted to those milkshake/coffee beverages.

On saturday i met my friend Christina at Square One. We had lunch at Marche. I went to my parents' after and had a major chocolate craving. The movie Can't Hardly Wait was on TV. I love that flick.

On Sunday, the Observer and I watched Despicable Me. It was so cute! We went to Sarbucks later and he treated me to an iced coffee with milk. I came home and saw Cole. He rocks...anytime.

I've been sad since my fling ended, but life is made of good moments and that's exactly what they were.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days gone-by....

Ah, it's been FOREVER since I've blogged. I had peer mentor training for the last two weeks. It's been okay. Girl power is something....

Well, I got dumped. It's okay....we only hung out for a bit. Nice guy, but a bit too into playing the field. I'm too old for games.

On Thursday, I saw two co-workers fighting outside an office building. Very intense and scary.

On Friday, I met Christina at Union Station. I had lemon cake, a chocolate chiller and MacDonald's fries....eek. dad and i took the go bus home.

i visited Cloe, had a BBQ, saw grumpy grandpa and watched the bachelorette. such a silly show. yesterday i had sushi with my friend in my building...good times!

- ocg

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Every girl needs girls...

it's hot today.....I've been in peer mentoring training for the last days. I've got today and Friday off. i saw 101 Dalmatians on VHS at my parents' house and toy story 3 in theaters with Kevin. they are both cute movies.

i think i blew it with Kevin. he went out with a colleague of mine on Sunday. i accused him of playing games. the colleague has a boyfriend...oops! i think i hurt his feelings. my friends told me not to be so impulsive. oops! if he likes me, i'll hear from him. if not, oh well.

after training, i had dinner with Danielle. she made yummy shrimp fettuccine. we chatted about men.

every woman needs woman friends. i have them and I'm so glad.

- ocg

Friday, July 02, 2010

Round three!

Well, my brother Jeff is engaged to his amazing girlfriend Katherine. He got Katherine's family and our family all together at Cagneys and they arrived shortly after he proposed. Both of them were glowing and very emotional. What a special night....I think it was everything Jeff hoped for. My baby brother is getting married! I can't believe it! Our family is about to have two babies and a wedding! I can't wait! What a year! Our dinner was fun and special. Katherine has a great family. I like her sister Laura...

All afternoon Mom was dying with suspense. She started to cry as soon as she saw the huge table Jeff reserved. I ate chicken and sundried tomato penne. It was yummy....I came back to the city exhausted but happy.

A new movie theater opened right next door to my building. They plqayed free movies for two days. I saw Julie and Juilia. I've seen it already, but it's amazing and I didn't have to rent it. The weather was beautiful, so I felt like a proud Canadian.