Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Every girl needs girls...

it's hot today.....I've been in peer mentoring training for the last days. I've got today and Friday off. i saw 101 Dalmatians on VHS at my parents' house and toy story 3 in theaters with Kevin. they are both cute movies.

i think i blew it with Kevin. he went out with a colleague of mine on Sunday. i accused him of playing games. the colleague has a boyfriend...oops! i think i hurt his feelings. my friends told me not to be so impulsive. oops! if he likes me, i'll hear from him. if not, oh well.

after training, i had dinner with Danielle. she made yummy shrimp fettuccine. we chatted about men.

every woman needs woman friends. i have them and I'm so glad.

- ocg

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