Friday, July 02, 2010

Round three!

Well, my brother Jeff is engaged to his amazing girlfriend Katherine. He got Katherine's family and our family all together at Cagneys and they arrived shortly after he proposed. Both of them were glowing and very emotional. What a special night....I think it was everything Jeff hoped for. My baby brother is getting married! I can't believe it! Our family is about to have two babies and a wedding! I can't wait! What a year! Our dinner was fun and special. Katherine has a great family. I like her sister Laura...

All afternoon Mom was dying with suspense. She started to cry as soon as she saw the huge table Jeff reserved. I ate chicken and sundried tomato penne. It was yummy....I came back to the city exhausted but happy.

A new movie theater opened right next door to my building. They plqayed free movies for two days. I saw Julie and Juilia. I've seen it already, but it's amazing and I didn't have to rent it. The weather was beautiful, so I felt like a proud Canadian.


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