Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking less...

Again, it's been a week. I'm slacking man. My weekend was fun. The women's BBQ was alright. Looking at the older females, it struck me that gravity shifts things south as we age. We best enjoy life now. We ate hamburgers. I asked for a veggie burger, but got a hamburger instead. It's alright. I sat with Gabby, Danielle, Jean and Eileen. Jean is 72. She's smart, happy and funny. hopefully that's how I'll be when I'm seventy two. We went to Tim Hortons and chatted over coffee. It was a nice night to wheel home.

On Saturday I spit coffee on my black pants on the way home. I showered with Mom's help, ate cookies, stared at Cole and left for Katerine's house. We had such a fun night. Katherine's family is like ours. Cole was the center of the night. He slept and ate. Jeff LOVES Cole. He holds him like Shane. Cole sucked on Jeff's bicep. It was HILARIOUS! We played a food trivia game. I held Katherine's giant albino guinea pig named Angel. She was cute in a freaky way. I got to see Cole get his last bottle and change into his duck pajamas. That was the best part of my weekend.

I saw the Observer on Sunday. We watched Grown Ups and went to Casesys. Grown-ups was so funny. I tried a poppy seed chicken sandwich with a salad. I enjoyed hanging with the Observer.

On Monday Des and I had coffee. I drank too much and exploded. Still, I'm glad I saw Des. I watched The Bachlorette: The Men Tell All. It's silly, but I still watch it. There's something to be said for that.

Yesterday I had a make-up training day for Mentoring. It was hot out. I bought pizza for dinner and a bagel, a toasted coconut doughnut and poppy seed loaf for lunch. Lots of food, but today's a new day. I met my friend who lives in my building at Starbucks. I had a venti orange green tea. It was yummy.

I'm less sad now. Kevin is a good guy, but there's lots around. They say, act like a lady, think like a man. I don't know if I can. Maybe I'll start by thinking less.


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