Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A coffee miss..

Last night I went a women's mentorship training. It was a continuation of the training I did in June. The skankie girl named Saba who hooked up with Kevin didn't show up. I was fine with that. We had greasy chicken, salad, bread and fruit. They gave us group assignments. We have to do a fifteen minute presentation on Princess Diana.

Later, I went to Starbucks and tried a java chip frappicuno. It was chocolaty. I was slurping back the frozen bits when a cute stranger told me he hated "getting the last bit of frapps." I smiled and agreed.

On the way home, I saw Zia. He's a dude I ran into on the bus two years ago. We clicked. I've emailed, and talked to bus drivers about him. No luck - until last when he was right in front of me. I instantly felt shy. He's the dude I've been talking about forever. I heard him say, "Are you.....?" I'm ashamed to say I sped way before we made direct contact. Ahhhh! Will we ever met again? Who knows, but I'm going to repeat last night's Starbucks run just in case. I'm ordering another frapicuno, but it'll be caramel this time. A little sweetness can't hurt....


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