Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So very blessed...

I am happy to say that my boyfriend is back! I am happy. He read my letter, we talked and connected and got back together. He has always been the one. I needed space and distance. I am so grateful for his love. I hope I can make him as happy as he has made me. I feel like I have a new boyfriend who already knows that I drool on my pillow, laugh when I'm nervous and stiffen when I'm upset. The Observer is my very best friend. If we can't live without each other, why should we?

We've hung out a lot. It's new and sweet and exciting, but there's history and familiarity too. I hope he knows that I'll stay with him forever.

I'm going to PEI with Dad on Friday. I'm excited. A friend of the Observer's just lost her father. I'm so sad. She's amazing. Her loss is a reminder to cherish our loved ones. I love my Dad. I'll miss the Observer too. I'll be super excited to come home to him. How lucky am to travel with greatest man I know and come home to another great man? I am one blessed b**ch.


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