Friday, September 10, 2010

PJ time...

Psst! I have a secret. I watch Jersey Shore on Thursday nights. It's like a double x rated Itailian version of Big Brother. It's mindless, dirty entertaiment. I'm ashamed to say how funny I find the show. It's a past-time the Observer and I both share. Snookie is my favourite. She has no shame.

I hung out with the Observer on Friday. We went to Caseys. Later Des and I met for coffee. Actually I had green tea and lemon poppy seed loaf. They asked us to leave as they were closing. It was only ten o'clock. I couldn't have smelled that bad. On Saturday we went to Caseys again. They recognized us. I went home in my pjs. Getting picked up from the hotel, I realized that a lot of people probably stroll around with their PJ's on. Being comfy is key - even if you're not a hotel guest.


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