Wednesday, November 24, 2010

By chance...

Mom's surgery went well. It's been six days. So far so good. I saw her the day of her operation, but not since. Something tells me giving my parents space is best. In a round a bout way, my sister-in-law said so. I was a bit hurt, but she meant well.

I miss my parents. I miss Mom - and Dad too. I miss her calls every day. I miss her happy, energetic way. She'll be OK. It will just take time.....

I met an eighty five year old woman in Tim Hortons. Rarely do I sit in the shop, but I'm glad I did. The woman was South African. She sounded English. She told me her memory is starting to go. The woman repeated herself a few times. She was told to stay at the table while her daughter ran an errand. I didn't want to leave her. I enjoyed our chat. The woman's daughter said her mom is staying in a "hotel." I have a hunch it's more like a retirement home.

I shopped for lettuce, apples, sweetpotatoes and mini cans of tuna. I stopped by Macdonalds for a free coffee.

I was planning to see a movie with the Obverser. My return ride was too late, so I cancelled. I hope he understood. I miss the Observer. We had coffee and a quick supper last night. I'm glad. I feel torn sometimes. I want to go home, but feel guilty if I do. The Observer gets my thinking...

I went to the library to see if I could listen to Salman Rushdie, but there was no seating. Worth a try, right?

The sun was shining brightly this morning. I have moments, but they don't last. There is good all around. It's a bit like sunshine. Sometimes we have open our eyes wider to notice it.


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