Friday, December 24, 2010


Well, it's Christmas Eve! I can't believe 20zen is almost over. I'm excited for Christmas tomorrow. I'm going to my sister's house to hang out with Skylar (the most important person!), my sister and her husband, the Observer, my brother Jeff and my parents. The evening should be low-key.

Tomorrow I'm going to have Christmas morning with my parents and maybe a sibling or two before going to celebrate with the Observe and his family. Hopefully I'll get to see Cole before I leave. I haven't seen him since we made our annual weekend trip to Collingwood. This year it's all about the babies!

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and bought a gift card for my parents in Yorkville. It's quite the swanky area. I met the Observer at Swiss Chalet and had stir fry. We went to Tim Hortons and a sweet European man bought us coffee and treats. So sweet, wasn't it? His kind spirit put me in the mood for the holidays.

The Observer and I will see each other lots during the next few days. I'm so happy! We're going to my grandparents' for a post wedding celebration for my uncle (Neil). He's not my favourite but I do love the rest of the family.

So much has improved since last Christmas. I'm bigger than I have ever been, but it's is more relaxed and gentle now.

Happy holidays!!!


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