Thursday, December 30, 2010

When we're old...

As Thursdays go, this one shaped up well. I went to my weekly appointment which was fine. The taxi driver came right up to the office which was surprising. Normally drivers wait outside. He must have had to use the washroom badly. His first question was "Where is it?" On the taxi, I met two sweet elderly gentleman. One's wife had Alzheimer's and resided in a nursing home. He told me they married in 1955. Another just returned from having lunch with his granddaughter.

Meeting the grandfathers today reminded me of two days after Christmas when everyone - including the Observer - came to the farm to celebrate my uncle Neil's marriage to Linda. I was so happy that the Observer came. His parents drove him in their big red van. Grandpa sat in wheelchair with his eyes closed or slept in his chair. I know he would be happy to know we were together. I wished he could have lunch with me like the man on the taxi.

I went to visit the Observer at his apartment. Since he works until 8 pm most Thursdays, this was a rare treat. We had dinner and enjoyed being together. When we're old, it will be the same story.


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