Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's all gravy....

In People magazine tonight, I heard the expression, "It's all gravy." I think it means an extra or bonus.

There's twenty minutes until I go to bed. I went to my Thursday appointment. It was OK. my regular doctor comes back in a week. It's all good. I spend the evening listening to tunes. There are two songs I like presently. The first is called Hello by Dragonette and Magic by Sean Desmond.

My friend's Saba's brother was killed on New Year's Eve. I feel awful for her......What a way to begin 2011.

I'm reading One Day. It's a book Katherine gave me for my 28th birthday. It's an English version of When Harry Met Sally. So funny!

I need to stop eating at night. I just polished off a bag of baby carrots and some dried apricots. Ah well, it's all gravy baby!


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