Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring update

I just read the most beautiful story called The Colour Of Water. It's a black, Jewish man's tribute to his white mother. The way racism and poverty were triumphed by love made me cry. I was so sad to finish the book.

Now I'm reading When Food Is Love by Geenen Roth. I've read it several times, but it's good. Books are my friends.

The Observer and I saw the movie Paul. Not my taste, but change is Ok. We went to Yorkkdale. The Observer LOVES that mall. It's because it has a European flare, I think. I said, "Where is the bus?" in a funny tone.

In family news, Skylar and Cole are both teething. Poor babies.........Their cheeks get very red.

I'm going to visit the Observer at his apartment. Most Saturdays I go home and stay until Sunday. It's Grandma's birthday today. She's 73 I believe. Mom says she's feeling down. The sun is shining. I hope that makes Grandma happy. It always works for me.


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