Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kind souls rescued me...

Did I mention that I got a new wheelchair?
Did I mention that it's a lemon?
I got stuck on the streetcar tracks a few nights ago while going to the drugstore. Scary. Traffic was backed-up. Some kind teenagers pushed me home. Ahhhhh......What a night!

The very next day, my old wheelchair died on the way to the St. Lawrence Market. I was stranded in a very rough area. After scoping out my surroundings for decent looking people, I asked a lady to help me. She looked confused and our encounter caught the attention of a kind young man who gave me a safe vibe. He asked where I lived and offered to push me home. God bless him. I learned he's an outreach worker in the area and he knew all about Tobias
House attendent care. Somehow I got the feeling I was meant to run into him.

After thanking the generous man who pushed me home, he said, "No problem. You'd do the same for me if I was in your shoes." He's right.

My old wheelchair was fixed by Dad. Loose plugs were the problem. The new one is in the shop. I'm staying as close to home as possible. It's not my style. Over the last three weeks I've read: Must You Go? by Antonio Fraser, Lost and Found by Geneen Roth and Me by Ricki Martin. We watched Something Borrowed, Stand By Me, and Amelia. If I don't have reliable wheels, at least I have steady entertainment.


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