Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Not so bad....

One unfortunate event doesn't have to ruin a whole day. Right? This is what I'm telling myself. This morning was fun. The weather is hot and summery -just my style. I drove to the St. Lawrence Market to meet my Mom, sister and niece. On the way, I unknowingly dropped one of my bags near a park. A friendly lady caught up with in Rabba and gave it back. Our visit to the market was relaxing and productive. My niece looked so cute in her little shorts! Her white headband is getting too tight as it's leaving a mark on her head. She's growing! Skylar ate beans, squash and apple sauce. She likes orange vegetables and anything sweet - my kind of eater! Mom and I had grilled vegetables pitas. My sister bought these spinach and cheese pastries I saved my for dinner and ate it with a cabbage salad and carrot salad.

As I was waiting for my bus from the market ,my wheel got jammed and I couldn't move well. Somehow I rammed into my sister's leg. I feel awful. She's adamant that she's OK, but I feel awful. My plan was to catch a ride from the market and meet the Observer at the mall, but I had to cancel and go home. Bummer. The bus driver was very, very helpful. My sister was a star too, but she always helps me out. A sweet attendant named Steve lifted me into my old wheelchair. After calling the wheelchair company,I was very dehydrated so I went to Timothy's and bought an iced coffee. It was DELICIOUS! I needed groceries, so a sweet No Frills employee helped me pick up oranges, cabbage carrots and bread. He asked me what I was making. I told him salad. Nice guy.

I am tired of my NEW wheelchair breaking down. It's frustrating and scary. I missed seeing the Observer this afternoon, and that makes me sad. On the bright side, I saw Skylar, my sister and Mom. We had lunch. I wasn't alone when my wheelchair stopped working properly. The bus driver was very courteous. Steven was able to easily transfer from my old wheelchair to my new one. I had a back-up wheelchair. I was able to go outside for a coffee. There is fresh food in my fridge. My stomach doesn't hurt today.

Life's a bitch, but it's alright too.


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