Monday, August 15, 2011

An (unfortunate) accident with a (fortunate) outcome...

Ah, so much to say! My oldest brother was in a BAD car accident in Meaford three weeks ago. He was vacationing with his wife and son at a cottage donated to cancer survivors. On their second night there, my brother was getting steaks for dinner when he lost control of the car. You can read about his accident here

Poor Shane. He spent just under a week in Owen Sound and was transferred to Trillium for another week. He broke both legs and knee caps and endured three surgeries. Unable to walk, he is staying with my parents where things are wheelchair accessible and care is twenty four seven. Between caring for my brother, myself, and the grandchildren, my parents are VERY people. That said, I know they are happy Shane is healing.The accident was serious, but bones heal.

Over this past weekend, I went to a mass for the Observer's uncle who passed away in Italy. The sermon was enjoyable and I liked the music. We had a small gathering in the Observer's parents backyard. I was honored to be there.

The Observer's Mom is having surgery on here shoulder tomorrow. I know he is very worried about her. There is no doubt in my mind that she will fully recover. When Moms go for surgery, it's scary stuff. Always something going on with family, isn't there? I'd be lost without them.

In happier news, Cole is walking, babbling and crawling. He loves watching Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Skylar has teeth and started laughing. I LOVE those babies. Before Shane's accident, the plan was to go to Prince Edward Island for the week of August 19th. There won't be a trip, but that's OK. Shane is here and that's what matters.

I have been reading a lot. I recently finished Orange Is The New Black: My year in women's prison, Two Kisses For Maddie, The Year Of Pleasures, and I'm almost finished Once Upon A Time, There Was You. It's been a summer of books. I won't complain....

Mom and I went to see Grandpa yesterday. We got caught in a downpour. I said, "This is like the Amazon!" There was thunder and lightening, but we were safe. Grandpa didn't say much, but we held hands.

Jeff, my twin brother, took Shane out for ice cream. The idea struck me as funny and sweet. Two big guys going for a sweet treat. Shane CRAVES ice cream. We think it must be the calcium he needs. Maybe ice cream has healing powers.....

If ice cream makes us happy, isn't that healing enough?