Thursday, September 22, 2011

Without compassion, what is there?

Things in my life are going well. My engagement ring fits and is beautiful. I love it! Honestly, jewellery doesn't really excite me, but this ring is so special. It's white gold with little diamonds on either side and a heart shaped setting. It's stunning without being an obnoxious rock. My fiancee has excellent taste. We are planning to be married in October of 2013. This gives us lots of time to sort housing and jobs. My twin brother, Jeff is getting married in nine days! I can't wait!

 Shane, my oldest brother is struggling from withdrawal. He was on very strong painkillers for most of the summer, so it's normal. His marriage is also suffering and he is heartbroken. We all are. For the sake of my nephew, I hope my brother and sister-in-law can work it out. My sister-in-law can be blunt and mean, but she's hurting....I hope she can heal. Seeing my brother cry in my mother's arms was very hard. I've cried in those very same arms when I was struggling. The difference was that the Observer  loved me unconditionally , even when we were apart. It made such a difference. I wish my brother had the same support from his wife. When we are down and out, we need someone to reach out and offer us their hand to help us get back up. We DON'T need to be reminded of all we did to cause the fall. That only serves keep us down longer.

I'm reading Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner. It's light and female focused. My new wheelchair is giving me issues again! I missed TWO appointments this week. The transportation system was helpful and so were my attendants. While grocery shopping, I met some very helpful strangers. One was a No Frills employee and the other was a lady pushing a strollers. Good people are everywhere - if I take the time to notice them.   

My favourite song right now is called Without You by Usher and David Guetta. It's catchy:
I can’t win, I can’t wait
I will never win this game without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same without you, without you
I won’t love, I won’t love
I will never make it past without you, without you
I can’t rest, I can’t lie
All I need is you and I, without you


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