Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, we're eight days into 2012. I've got a cold. My head hurts too. Argh. So many complaints! Actually, I'm doing OK. Today I bought some Advil Cold and Sinus. That stuff works. The best ten dollars I've spent in ages. I got a coffee and spent two hours reading in a food court. I asked for milk and two Splendas. It tasted like they dumped ten Splenda in there, but I was too stuffed up to bother going back. There was a time when I would have angrily insisted they remake the whole coffee. I would be convinced they saw me as a fat girl who didn't care that my coffee was loaded with calories. Not anymore. I drank it and got engrossed in my book. I'm just reading "fluff" these days. Books that are easy to fill up on with not a lot of substance. It's a refreshing change. 

I don't have much of an appetite. I like this part of being sick. Unlike the past, I have been eating lots of soup, toast and salad.  I have Ricolla Sea Berry drops in my purse. They are yummy, but I don't over eat them. That's how I know I'm eating enough "real" food.

Our weather has been fairly tolerable. It's cold, but not frigid. I am a happy girl. I hate when it's freezing. We saw The Descendents last week. What a depressing flick! The whole move is about this family waiting for the death of their mother/wife and daughter after she is in a boating accident. I had this disturbed queezy feeling in my stomach, so I left and looked at this aquarium. The Observed LOVED The Descendents. Since my Mom has a degenerative heart condition, the theme of having to say goodbye the center of the family (the Mom) hit too close to home. Life is full of heartbreak without paying to watch a movie about it. We went out for my favourite vegan pizza afterwards, so that made up for the downer movie.

Adele's album has been in my CD player since May. Tonight I switched it Jack Johnson On And On. I still love Jack. He's catchy, mellow and positive. I am sipping peppermint tea and looking forward to bed. Life is pretty chill and I like that, but a new year has only just started.....


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