Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

My fiance had to work today. We celebrated his birthday and Valentine's Day on the weekend. I enjoyed the celebrations and dinners. Hopefully he did too. I'm kind of sad and disappointed because my fiance is being a real Valentine's Day smuck. He hates February 14th. Fair enough, but I like it. He says, "Show people you love them every day." I agree, but today is special. I understand my fiance must work and I already got an awesome gift, but that's not what matters. I got one grouchy phone call in the morning. No e-mail or afternoon phone call to say "I love you and I'm thinking about you." I care more about the calls and messages then I do about gifts. It's the thought. Not the price....Maybe I'm sounding ungrateful. I know I have it good. I just felt forgotten today. 

We usually celebrate Feb 14th with dinner and gifts. Hopefully next year. I think acknowledging your loved one is important. Marriage will be exciting and an adjustment. I promise to hold my fiance in the highest regard.

My fiance is using the hash tag:#IHATEVALENTINESDAY BOTTOM LINE

Bottom line: Just because YOU hate Valentine's Day, doesn't mean your wife-to-be does too. I love you, even when you are a Valentine's Day grouch. Wherever you are, Happy Valentine's Day! May you feel love today and every day. I do.