Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful Friday!

The weather is gorgeous! I spent the morning listening to tunes and got coffee from Starbucks. Some lady sat down beside me and fiddled with her tablet. I was kind of uncomfortable sitting with her. I'm pretty friendly, but we just didn't click. I didn't stay long. (Just long enough to enjoy my coffee!)

All in all, this week has been positive. No real drama besides my brother's inappropriate behaviour last weekend. That's over now. On Monday, my home Bell phone wasn't working. Someone stole a cable from the "phone room." The technician was named Ronnie. He was very friendly. Dad came by and we went to Loblaws for potato pizza. It was more like a big round loaf of bread. He split it in half. I enjoyed hanging with my Dad.  He was impressed by how the old hockey arena got converted into a top notch market. I love where I live! On Wednesday I got my engagement ring back. *Thank you for Observer for taking my ring to be resized three times! It finally fits perfectly!*

I had my weekly Thursday appointment yesterday. It was healing to vent about my brother. My doctor made HUGE deal about my weight. I told her, I "could handle making changes and did not need a meal plan."  I HATE being told what to eat. It stresses  me out and makes me eat everything or nothing. Sometimes I want to scream, "LEAVE ME ALONE. WHAT I EAT IS MY BUSINESS. NO ONE CAN TAKE MY CHOICES AWAY! I AM NOT SKINNY, SO BUGGER OFF!" 

In happier news, I've heard two great tunes. The first I heard in HMV Superstore last night. It's called "Night Swimming" by R.E.M. and the second is called "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris. They're different styles, but maybe that's why I can't get me out of my head.



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