Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my Mom's birthday today. She turned 56 years old. Actually, it was my Mom's birthday.  It's past midnight now. We had a sweet family dinner on Sunday. Earlier in the day I went to Tim Hortons with Dad. I always enjoy coffee with Dad. My sister brought stir fry and AMAZING carrot cake. My oldest brother Shane slipped and arrived under the influence to dinner. Right  away I knew something was wrong. He walked in and insisted on taking my Mom for a walk. I don't want to go into specifics, but my brother was belligerent and rude. I really want to say, "When you're drunk, you're such a jerk. You are  a father. Get your act together now." I am tired of being compassionate. Sometimes you just have to stop doing what you are addicted to. It's not easy. I know, but what other choice is there?  My brother's behavior makes sad and mad. 

I tried to focus on Mom and the babies. Mom seemed to enjoy herself even though she seemed preoccupied with my brother's struggles. My sister told everyone that she pregnant. I will never tire of Skylar answering "Baby" when we say, "What's in Momma's tummy?" We were all so excited! 

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you. 


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